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We are very pleased to announce the lounchof the innovation project for sustainabilitywithVisionage Srland its founder,Claudio Mastropaolo.


The project

Forethinking Srl Società Benefit will lead the start-up, based in Alberobello, in the different phases of the migration of the production system in the ecological transition and technologies for digital integration of business processes, based on a “data driven” system of indicators and metrics environmental impact and market data.

The plan for data analysis and modeling of LCA reports (Life Cycle Assessment) in the field of advanced production technologies and eco-sustainable innovation of VISIONAGE products is already taking shape and in the coming months will bring important results for business growth and development.


Who is Visionage

Visionage is aninnovative societyfocused on the development of business, starting by a digital topic, R&S, and development in the chemical-medical sector in the prototyping of new multidisciplinary technologies.

The main focus of interest is in the eHealth sector, through the design, production and control of various apps for digital therapy, telemonitoring of vital parameters and patient self empowerment.

It manages several institutional clients both in the communication sector, such as Aquedotto Pugliese, AIOP Puglia, politicians and proprietary projects such as Doggami (a tinder for dogs with an eHealth module for health monitoring), and in the web environment, such as scientific companies, universities, FOX , Lazio Region, Tecnocasa.

Since 2022 the society produces and sells beer “Bevessere” and “Birra Volver” focalizing the attention on R&S of new raw material and with a nutraceutical approach .


Visionage and Forethinking

Forethinking Srl Società Benefit and Visionage Srl are both innovative start-ups, and together they share business visions and perspectives useful for guaranteeing the best organizational, business and competitive advantage results.

Forethinking Srl Benefit Company will support the company of Dr. Mastropaolo in the phases of:

– LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) data analysis, parametric eco-design models and production data, hotspots analysis of environmental impacts;

– training of LCA data reports, descriptive and prescriptive approaches to the system supply chain, management and communication, in order to achieve a substantial improvement in the ecological impact of craft BEER and production processes based on environmental data.

In addition to the activities already implied, the Forethinking Method includes training for the design of a marketing intelligence information system (internal and external data analysis), for the purpose of a correct orientation and a correct business management of innovation strategies, in particular for the development of a significant competitive positioning in the field of sustainability.

One of the pillars of our company is to have a satisfied clientele, THANKS, Claudio, for choosing FORETHINKING!

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