innovation process throught sustainability

The Forethinking Method©

Forethinking Method©, includes a number of activities to lead the innovation process throught sustainability; Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the current products or services, eco-design, innovation management, market focus strategy, marketing and communication of innovations, financial support. All the activities are core and directly affect the possibilities of the company in its future positive market. Whoever you are, inspired company or prospect partners, please feel fre to contact us to take part in the program (or to find out more).
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Processo di interazione generato da drivers di mercato e da un modello parametrico per la ecoprogettazione

“The real, unique, not imitable, durable competitive advantage of one company, is its specific culture”.

Gennaro Durante

“Hunter of opportunities” winners

The Forethinking Method © was created to develop the potential of your business by focusing on the scenarios and opportunities of the future in sustainability.

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