Corporate Sustainability Reports (Direttiva CSRD)

ESG and Sustainability Report

Companies must align their positions with respect to environmental, social and governance indicators (ESG) and monitor their contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but the risk is not understanding the opportunities of the new economic and social scenario.

In addition to conventional standards (GRI, CDP, SASB, ECC.), we support client companies in the drafting of CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY REPORTS (CSRD Directive) with the first system of metrics that identifies the relevant aspects of product innovation / services “sustainable” (FSINDEX©).

Company environmental progress and declarations are supported by robust documentation based on scientific data with reference evaluation software and world leading databases (Simapro/Ecoinvent).

Experts in Administration and Finance accredited by Forethinking Srl SB support you for Sustainability Reports (Corporate Sustainability Reports).

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