Forethinking Sustainability Index

Posizionamento dei prodotti dell’azienda in relazione al paradigma della sostenibilità sulla base dell'LCA

The “Forethinking Sustainability Index ©” (FSINDEX) determines the positioning of products / services and of the company in relation to the sustainability paradigm based on the LCA (Life cycle assessment ISO 14044) applied to the products and to the company “system”.

With FSINDEX ©, progress and sustainability reports (CSRD) are supported by robust scientific documentation, evaluation tools and reliable database (Simapro / Ecoinvent).

Forethinking Sustainability Index © is an R&D project carried out by Forethinking Srl SB (benefit company) in 2021 in collaboration with the Chemistry Department of the “A. Moro ”of Bari – Systemic Design Protocol and eco-sustainability.

Have you understood the real opportunities of new eco-sustainable products and services in your industry?

The “Forethinking Sustainability Index ©” (FSINDEX) guarantees the traction and trajectory of the innovation processes of products and services, of the business model in the new dimension of sustainability.

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