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A study of the environmental impact of steel structures for building, the Mechano system, in all phases of its life cycle, materials, production and also the phase of use, reuse and disposal was carried out by Scaffsystem in collaboration with Forethinking the innovative start-up for business innovation and sustainability. An acceleration of Scaffsystem research, therefore, which intends to develop innovations also in relation to the disassembly and reuse phases of its products, also anticipating the development of eco-sustainable construction in which the building is considered a bank of materials for the future.

The objective of the project, carried out with the Forethinking© Method, was the design of a detection system aimed at modeling a data analysis structure of the entire life cycle of the products (Life Cycle Assessment ISO 14040) from the acquisition of materials, processing and delivery and the end of life of the structures to scientifically guide investments to reduce the environmental impact. A parametric model to support research and innovation activities, in order to achieve a substantial improvement in the ecological impact of products and processes, guided by scientific data and market drivers.

The first results achieved in terms of environmental impact reduction were “photographed” in the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), created by Forethinking with the LCA analysis model with reference to the world’s leading database Ecoinvent. The report, compliant with the ISO 14025 standard on environmental declarations, was therefore verified by the third-party certification body and the environmental declaration of the Machano product was registered on the international Environdec register. The latter is a useful document, both for all designers who want to integrate the parameters of the environmental impact of the materials used in construction into their design, and for responding to the CAM requirements of green procurement by the public administration.

Fonte: EPD Scaffsystem Srl

The challenges of the next step also emerged from the first report: further reducing the impact of materials, already lower than traditional materials thanks to the consolidated steel recycling circuit in Italy, and designing new systems for recovering and reusing them in a Scaffsystem validated circuit.

According to the statements of Licio Tamborrino CEO of Scaffsystem Srl:

“The company has equipped itself with an innovative tool that allows data simulation and analysis of the effectiveness of re-design actions in terms of reducing the environmental impact of the structures, at the same time increasing awareness of the metrics relating to critical environmental aspects has allowed new sustainable procurement procedures for all the players in the supply chain and the prospect of becoming promoters of an avant-garde eco-sustainable building supply chain”.


Licio Tamborrino
Ad Scaff System- Officine Tamborrino

The program is one of the “trajectory projects”, assisted by the innovative start-up for research and development Forethinking, for a clear positioning of the Scaffsystem in terms of concrete innovation in the direction of the global green deal, an example for all companies
of made in Italy.

Who is Scaffsystem

Scaffsystem is an industrial reality born in Ostuni in 1957, protagonist of a growth path that has led it to become one of the top players on the national and international market in the production of steel solutions for logistics and architecture. Our technical office satisfies the needs of designers and customers on a daily basis in the study of effective and cutting-edge solutions, in terms of technical characteristics, organization of places and value for money for the realization of construction projects.

Who is Forethinking

Forethinking Srl Società Benefit is an innovative start-up, a research and innovation accelerator in the field of sustainability, which includes skills and tools of high scientific value for strategic orientation (assisted by artificial intelligence), experimental research and tools for eco- design (Forethinking © Method).

The Forethinking team with the AD of Scaffsystem

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