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Great Italy for sustainability!

Latest News: the "Proposal for an integrated national plan for energy and climate" has been presented. For the first time in history the plan is designed horizontally by three Ministries together, finally in a logic of true circular economy involving productive...

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Bea Johnson a role model for Fore Thinking Program

Author of Zero Waste Home, Bea Johnson is shaping a more intelligent consumption model; so kindly she has accepted to support the Fore_thinking program as a role model. In Zero Waste Home, Bea Johnson shares the story of how she simplified her life by...

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Nicolò Carnimeo joins the Fore_thinking Program

author of “Com’è profondo il mare”, Nicolò Carnimeo supports Waste and Pollution Sensitization events of Fore_Thinking; In “Com’è profondo il mare”, Nicolò Carnimeo shares his journey in the Great Pacific garbage patch and insights about the mediterranean...

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