waste and pollution

threats and opportunities

A small drop of water

This drop of water is accessible fresh water in the world, it mesures 1,4 billion cubic kilometres; it includes all the water in the oceans, seas, ice caps, lakes and rivers as well as ground water, and that in the atmosphere. The same relathionship there is between the quantity of air and the Earth volume. These show how finite water and air supplies are.


Nevertheless, during the last few years we have turned our fragile world into a great ball of trash.

Shining consumers

However a new kind of consumers is shaping a more intelligent consumption model; opening the way to a new paradigm, the circular economy.
“a distinctive customer group, a growing segment, ready to be addressed by new products and services designed for sustainability This offers huge opportunities for companies”.

Bea Johnson

A role model: Bea Johnson & zerowastehome.com


“UE declares war on plastic waste. Brussels targets single-use plastics in an urgent clean-up plan that aims to make all packaging resuable or recyclable by 2030”.

Institutions and Nations are working for the creation of a legal order to achieve the social and economic sustainability stipulated in the treaties; norms that will change the competitive scenario. “if companies move towards more positive strategies they will survive, if not they will face defeat!”.


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