why – Waste and pollution problem, marine litter, have proved that the linear consumerist society is limited. Today, concerns of sensitive consumers set the edge for a sustainable, healthy industrial new paradigm of the economy.

what – Inspiring companies re-thinking the future in the circular economy framework, The Fore_Thinking Strategy Program provides culture shift and insights to lead companies through new design to make a real and sustainable difference to quality of life.

to who – The Fore_Thinking Strategy Program goes beyond sectorial activities and highlights cross-sector opportunities and challenges, providing team up and idea generation to address specific challenges.

opportunities and threats of the new economy

Shining consumers

However a new kind of consumers is shaping a more intelligent consumption model; opening the way to a new paradigm, the circular economy.
“a distinctive customer group, a growing segment, ready to be addressed by new products and services designed for sustainability This offers huge opportunities for companies”.

Bea Johnson

A role model: Bea Johnson & zerowastehome.com


“UE declares war on plastic waste. Brussels targets single-use plastics in an urgent clean-up plan that aims to make all packaging resuable or recyclable by 2030”.

Institutions and Nations are working for the creation of a legal order to achieve the social and economic sustainability stipulated in the treaties; norms that will change the competitive scenario. “if companies move towards more positive strategies they will survive, if not they will face defeat!”.

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